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We Connect Investors With Distressed
Property Owners!

The Best Part Is, You Only Pay After We Connect You With A Seller Over The Phone!


Take Your Business to
the Next Level


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What Do We Do?

Northern Marketing Club is a comprehensive marketing solution designed specifically to connect real estate investors with motivated distressed property owners seeking cash offers.

Our aim is to provide a done-for-you marketing service that generates exclusive leads, qualifies them through personalized calls, and transfers qualified prospects directly to our clients.

If you are tired of wasting time calling lists of uninterested people. Going door to door, sending mail, driving for dollars, paying hundreds of dollars to skiptracing.


Let us help you. So you can get back to what you love to do, which is buying real estate.

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How We Do It


Step 1 - Facebook Ads

We utilize targeted Facebook marketing campaigns to generate exclusive leads. Our proven strategies and expertise in the real estate industry allow us to reach motivated distressed property owners actively seeking cash offers effectively.


Step 2 - Call & Qualify Leads

Our dedicated team of professionals personally calls and qualifies each lead, ensuring you receive high-quality prospects. By conducting detailed conversations with potential sellers, we gather essential information to determine their level of motivation and the suitability of their property for your investment goals.

Step 3 - Database Reactivation 


In addition to generating new leads, we also leverage your existing database of leads to maximize your outreach efforts. Through targeted marketing campaigns to your database of leads, paired with text message campaigns. We help you reconnect with dormant leads and nurture relationships to increase conversion rates.

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Consistent Money Machine That Runs 24/7

Any business that does not have some sort of system where they can confidently spend $1 and get $2, $3, $5, $7, $10 in return, is on a surefire route to NOT reach the multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure level. Every Northern Marketing Club client has a customer acquisition machine that we have built out where we routinely put $1 into the machine and it spits out $4, $5, $10, $15. Equipped with this level of certainty, scaling to multiple 6, 7 and 8 figures is a simple by-product of the machine.


Crush Your Competition By Becoming Ubiquitous

The No. 1 way to crush your competition and take over your industry is to become ubiquitous so that any time your ideal customer has a split second thought about your service, they instantly think of your brand. 


Automate & Delegate Your Marketing and
Pre-Acquisition Department to Speak to More Sellers, Dominate your Market & Close More Deals.

The Old Way

❌Cold-calling Thousands of Unqualified & FSBOs leads to try and get a Deal.


❌Wasting your Money & Time finding distressed sellers lists to Call


❌Driving for hours to try and find distressed properties in your market.


❌Calling thousands of expireds & FSBOs to close one or two deals


❌Worrying about your competition taking all of the good deals.


❌Paying Real Estate Lead software only to get shared leads, tire-kickers, and retail sellers.

Northern Marketing Club

Craft an Irresistible Offer that will have Distressed Sellers Begging you to Buy their Property.

Have a Consistent Flow of Motivated Sellers Leads that are ready to speak to you as well as your team to Sell.

Receive Qualified Appointments EXCLUSIVE to you and your company

Put deals under contract with predictability and consistency

Become the market authority for real estate investing in your service areas.

Consistently put deals under contract with predictability and consistency.


Book Your FREE Consultation Today!


Who This is For:

  • Real estate investors that want an automated lead generation system.

  • Professionals that want to filled their calendar with qualified appointments.

  • Professionals that are tired of cold calling & door knocking.

  • Professionals that are tired of meetings with unqualified leads.

  • Those who want a predictable and profitable money machine that runs 24/7 365.

  • Those who are tired of working with agencies that promise the world and deliver nothing.

  • Businesses who want to get more juice out of their squeeze by ensuring their current advertising system and sales funnels are operating at the highest level.

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